The trial of the Order of the Solar Temple

The famous orchestral musical director Michel Tabachnik is currently on trial in Grenoble.

World renowned musician Tabachnik is on trial for association with criminals in the context of a trial of the organizers of a sect, the Order of the Solar Temple (OST).

He is accused of having helped to create a climate of indoctrination which led to the deaths of at least 73 followers.

In the trial, the lawyer for the families of the victims explains the presumed role of Tabachnik in the business:

Tabachnik is effectively an intellectual. It is because he was a great intellectual and that he had knowledge, that the others had been credulous of him.

To recall the facts, we must go back to at least October 1994, the date on which 53 members of the sect committed suicide simultaneously in Switzerland and in Canada. A year later 16 other people, of whom 3 were children, had been found dead in France near Grenoble. Some had been killed by bullets, according to the findings of the postmortems; others would have really committed suicide.

At the time of the macabre discoveries, we learned of the nature of the sect, of the personality and of the role of the principal organizer, Jo Di Mambo. So this last person died in Switzerland in the course of the collective suicides.

The beliefs of the sects are somewhat obscure. They are about saving the world and having consciousness transit to another planet. It is apparently a mixture of esoteric beliefs coming from ancient Egypt. Tabachnik was the president of the management office of a lucrative business, the Golden Way Foundation, created to collect money from naive followers. Tabachnik also wrote complicated esoteric essays. According to the prosecution, the combination of the guru Jo Di Mambro and the theoretician Tabachnik worked well.

It was an additional weight in Jo Di Mambro’s manipulation having Tabachnik.

In the trial, Tabachnik takes his time to explain his vision of the world. some find that they stretch out the facts. However Maitre Jean-Marie Vilmar, asked about this point, thanks that it is necessary.

This morning the people present were really part of the trial, but at the same time, it is true, they had something of a training course in esoterism, because it is necessary. It is necessary to have this course on esoterism to understand the hermitism of the essays of Michel Tabachnik and finally to take in this court room, step by step, the same path that the followers took over a decade, to understand the teaching and to understand that this teaching leads to death, to voluntary death, to death provoked.

In fact, Tabachnik supports his theory on a principle called The Arches. It is there that the danger lies, at the base:

The Arches have several meanings. The second meaning, covert, hidden, that he used to explain to the followers, it is a dark meaning, it is a mortifying meaning, morbid. It leads a cult to death. Michel Tabachnik has admitted this morning that his God, his only God, is the devil. He said it whilst he admitted that the primordial fire to which he makes reference incessantly, equally called the Arch from the name of his book, this primordial fire, he admitted it, is the devil. So it is an order with an initiation rite, the OST is a sect with an initiation rite which is devilish. But you must have ten years of indoctrination to get to this belief and to end up in the flames of the hell of the transits.

Michel Tabachnik based his defense on his own belief on what he was teaching. You could ask yourself if he is sincere on this point, or if it is just a calculation on his part.

Michel Tabachnik gives the appearance, wants to give the appearance of someone who is credible, of someone who was manipulated by Di Mambro. I do not believe that for a moment. In the course of the hearing this morning, the only moment when I felt a form of sincerity from Michel Tabachnik was when he talked of music, and there, I have nothing to say. On all the rest, on his role in the sect, his presence everywhere in the sect, everywhere, he was lying. He is a master of lying, and what’s more he lies badly.

It is a long trial, expected to last at least three weeks.

PS Tabachnik has been finally cleared of the most serious charges.

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