The new TGV route

Lyon Part-Dieu, this is Lyon Part-Dieu, check you have not left anything in the train, connection for Oyonnax, leaving at 14:11, platform B.

The imminent introduction of the new part of the TGV line, the high speed train, is great news for everyone.

On 7th June, Jacques Chirac inaugurated the Mediterranean TGV. From now on it will only take 3 hours to go from Paris to Marseilles. It will only take 1 hour 40 minutes to go from Lyon to Marseilles, which is a distance of 250 kilometres.

The TGV travels at 300 kilometres per hour. Until now there was only the Lyon to Paris line, the line from Paris to London, the line from Paris to Brussels and the Atlantic TGV in the westerly direction. Effectively now the routes of London to Marseilles and Brussels to Marseilles are uninterrupted.

For the users it is an appreciable gain. The advantage of the changes to the trains is that you can leave from the centre of one large town and arrive in the centre of another large town. There is not the loss of time that is sometimes the case for one airport or the other.

If you are not going to the centre of a large town but to a small town close by, you will have all the facilities to get you there.

So other new things are the services which have been put in place around Lyon. And so there is a system of regional express trains which are in place and each will have a connection with each Mediterranean TGV.

Everyone will get something out of it.

There are two types of customers. You have business people. So for them it will be very important because to put Paris and Marseilles three hours from each other is the equivalent of a return journey in a morning, or one day, one could say, Paris to Marseilles, and a morning, sure, Lyon to Marseilles. So a business man can easily accept a meeting in the morning at 8:30 and leave again by noon. So that is going to change his work, and that is going to bring together cheaply the two regions of Lyon and Marseilles.

What matters to the customers is that there is going to be, um, well the Mediterranean, that’s attractive, notably we know for retired people who often have a holiday home by the Mediterranean, or for the people who simply go on holiday to the beach in the sun.

Recommendations for the enthusiasts for fish soup on summer evenings, near the old port. Great weekends are in prospect.

These trains as well as going fast are comfortable, air conditioned, and sound proofed. They operate frequently during the day. They are a good bargain, much cheaper than the aeroplane, a bit dearer than ordinary trains.

We think we will still have an increase in the number of people who use the TGV; an increase which may amount to more that six million travellers, that is the equivalent for us of about 30%, the objective is at least 30%.

Platform D, the TGV numbers 620 and 694 for Paris, Gare de Lyon, are leaving, watch out for the automatic closing door. Be careful of the moving train.

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